the air is glowing


about the project / how was it created?

' the air is glowing 'is an  installation

created as live painting & presented as part of airgogolfest residency.

It  is  an extension of environmentally centred  'FLUID 0000' project ,


This project is a  reflection on the events of April 26th 1986 ,

exploring  human's relationship with 

the environment - planet  we  inhabit,  transform.

artist's statement:

'this installation is a humble invitation for us 

to reflect upon the transformations we personally & collectively generate upon the environment , the planet

to  explore a seed of  those transformations, 

which can be  a seed of  insolence that  generates  the '  tragedies '  ,

or  a different seed , - an antidote to those tragedies ,  -  humility.

( suggested exhibit setting here )

the concept:

Events of Chernobyl is one of the major lessons that had impact &

continues to impact life on the Planet.

Some may argue that the cause of the accident was a scientific miscalculation, a technological flaw. However, maybe we can find courage to look beyond technology, further towards the motive of human beings misusing the technology 

a certain intention of heart that seeded that 'tragedy' and every

environmental crisis ever since...

..- a seed of - insolence.

On a corporate level this seed leads companies  to create
irresponsible business models which build tremendous profit

margins that  "set our home on fire”.

On an inter - personal level too
This same seed springs us to violent exploitation

of animals & natural resources, each other .

However, just as much as we carry the possibility of insolance

we also carry within - the antidote to it...

This project aims to drive attention to the basic humility we ought to cultivate and extend towards each other, environment we are in - as a primarily solution to current environmental crisis.