Tripping Alice

Soaking wet just walked into a flat.

Will write it down while fresh and for the first time in long while — drop dead asleep.

Part 0: Alice

Do not attempt to understand the written below unless :

You’ve not seen the ‘alice in wonderland’ from 1951.Never had a mind altering experience/ tripped to the nearest available dimension.

Just don’t.

Part 1: Questions

At age of four-five,if separated from dad , who raised me single handed, for considerate amount of time— would be asking him how much he missed me. After natural “a lot”. He knew the next one is coming :

Like Alice in wonderland? Like feeling up the room with tears and floating ? like shrinking from normal to nothing? that much?

Part 2: Rules and regulations

Tonight I rent a dance studio at Pavilion Theater, which are strictly prohibited to be used at night time .Probability of one of the employees reading this is one to a billion, so hope the security guy will stay with his job for many happy nights ahead, bless him.

Part 3: Trip like it’s Bolshoi


For a bit over six hours been painting.Painting over chill conditioned air with watercolours of movements learned partly in ballet school and partly somewhere in a chain of previous lifes.

For a bit over six hours me and the body were tripping on air, sound and some internal fuel that elevates human spirit. ( hormones? carbohydrates? C2H6O? soul?)

For a bit over six hours we were dancing to an exact same song. Repeat button never went off.

After a bit over six hours of “dancing”t o the same melody my body sweat over three layers of fitness wear and a cotton hoody

For a bit over six hours something tremendous was created. It stayed in that room. You can never show, present, explain to an outsider. You knwo it was there you know it was real, you know it was bigger then you. But it’s shapeless,time-less,define-less nature wouldn’t allow it to become a ‘thing’.

For over six hours the room was full .Everything was floating. Like with alice in wonderland, yes, that much.

It felt like I’ve spoken to every person I ever knew, every living creature, every unborn baby, every burning star, every upcoming disaster & miracle .

And wish I could say that left all I had to say in there, but that will be a lie.

Need a bigger room and proper balletpoite shoes.

That’s is all on my birthday wish-list.

“ People you love become ghosts inside of you and like this you keep them alive” Robert Montogomery

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