Stab me baby one more time

A bitter taste. Of hurt? At age 11 — maybe.

Or a bitter taste of intent. Intent of the stranger in a subway throwing a comment, a co-worket having a tough day, a friend having anger issues —intent to attack the world with the ‘attitude’, to cause hurt to another living creature comes from a weak place.


more like — no bitter taste at all.

Is’t any heart weak at times? Naturally, essentially.

Men or women - having a minor melt down one’s every few weeks is not gender equalised PMS but an inevitable, natural tick. Not a sign of being wrong, but a sign of know — alive. Naturally enhanced mechanisms , chemical reactions that trigger transformations.

Those reflected in mental patterns and consequently — behaviour.


Comes down to curiosity and choice.

A person you chose to come out of it. Wether you are the one stabbing or the one being stabbed with an intent to hurt — and if you happen to grow over age 6–7 when your consciousness kicks in fully — you are likely to be both at some point of your life.

Some beautify, bravely open up to vulnerability, taking ownership over weak state — treating it as a stage, a temporary yet essential part of the process, slow dance it till it makes sense, transform into a strength of the being.

Might even give themselves a few wake up or punishment punches.On the way ,brave vulnerable companions will let you do your thing, being there if needed — for support, ask for time out, for understanding, for advise.

On the opposite side of the fence — ANOTHER way of dealing with inevitable weak states .

When dragged down by ignorance & heavy ego, naturally some — are being incapable to face own flaws and beautiful potential it offers — pretend it’s not you. Attack and punish the world outside.

At life time , we all be characters of the ‘story’. Sometimes be the one facing opportunity for growth. Other times witnessing one who dealing with the transformations.

One you witness might be a vulnerable warrior or ignorant attacker. It’s up to them.

One way or another, how you witness or how you deal — is defined by strength, bravery of the spirit.

Whatever to be done — is to be done with the most powerful and the only artillery you really need — love.

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