Not going down with the shit p.II

Once you figure out one essential concept, idea,

issue — call it whatever you want — the divine in you.

once you find it, define it

suddenly - it leads you one step away from the trivial many

( regarding that idea and followed by EVERY aspect of your life further on)

One step closer to — with purest heart , to admit “ fuck it” — not out of ignorance, but out of pure will to let trivial many be outside you, outside your life and your concern.

that essential bit always comes from the place human languages reffer as ‘ heart’. that essential bit is tought and uneasy and at times unbearable but most rewarding — not by gifts but by mere fact of its existence.

kabbalah refers to as a ‘ point in heart — placed in human sould by the creator to fish out the sould and get it closer and closer to divine’

and the world will be yelling at you how wrong you are

how unfit you are

but none of that shit matters.

you got it.

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