Lemons of eden

“ I marry her yesterday”

In search of heaven people move mountains. Heaven is a cute spot.

Until the lemons bloom. For majesty fate to see what you are worth.

Lemonades are here for the lemonade .

But the zesty bitter — first.

“ I keep you all to myself ”

While you set on a bench in front of the hospital starring in a phone, realising you got no where to call.

“ It’s your problem”

Will I ever smile again. Ever. Will I ever have sex again. Ever. Will I?

“ We are one ” he said.

Waking up in the morning after , off to waitress tables at “ skinny kitchen” on amount of painkillers enough to stone a horse. Anything to avoid bedsheets soaked in blood.

“Baby, I can fuck you all day “

While you stood smiling ( because you brought gifts for his new creations, right ) bleeding with a speed of a tampon an hour , not because you are on your period. But because your immune system & uterus is too weak to handle minor surgical intrusions or carrying a baby as such . You stood smiling . You stand there bleed and watch. Mastering the art of “turning other cheek”.

He is too beautiful to dream for long.

Through suffering human soul purifies. While you gained too many new winkles, silver hairs, and lost too many pounds in weight.

You watch and smile, you learn to love your own and others dark too. Significant others especially.

Human soul is not meant to become poor, but purify and enrich its divine feature in ‘ suffer’ ing — as a term recalled by wine makers . A feature of the grape that went through hottest and most freezing temperatures. According to experts , grape which matured in such weather conditions is the finest for exceptional wine production.

Here lays the choice. To wonder around from tree to tree abusively admire the blooming flowers, but once the lemon ready to come out — run away swiftly to a new tree watch the bloom and so on. Every tree has lemons, so does my favorite tree.

Or Pull the head down in a modest confession, roll sleeves and collect the lemons for the lemonade

Wine is here.lemons are here for the lemonade. We are here. we are alive. eden can be here too

Which ever lemon stage you are at, raise your glass.


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