I grow life.🌿

Updated: Apr 4, 2019

Planted - or buried. Have you noticed,

how much those two processes resemble?

- both happening under ground, both seem quite lonely and dark. yet one of them results into life & another one into death - metaphorical? maybe.

but that is why planting is one of my favourite things, creative tasks to do in pots , in people, in myself.

On a larger scale of environmentalism..

"all attempts today to make amends for

the damage through environmentally

protective measures must remain only hopeless,

superficial patchwork, if no curing of the “Western entelechy neurosis” ensues. . . .

#Healing - would mean existential experience of a deeper, self-encompassing reality."

(excellently put by #stephenharrodbuhner in

📖 PlantIntelligence & the Imaginal Realm: Beyond the Doors of Perception into the Dreaming of Earth.)

Humility is the situation of the #earth. 🌎

The #earth is always there, always taken for  granted, never remembered, always trodden on by  everyone, somewhere we cast

and pour out all the refuse,

all we don’t need.

Even - blaming it.

It’s there, silent and accepting everything and in a miraculous way making out of all the refuse new richness in spite of corruption, transforming corruption itself into a power of life and a new possibility of creativeness,

open to the sunshine, open to the rain,

ready to receive any seed we sow and capable of bringing thirtyfold, sixtyfold, a hundredfold out of every seed.


What about if someone is hard to love?

When I was little my dad taught me something.

Look, whatever humanity does - every time

Every morning, the sun rises, earth is there.

In life - aim to resemble the sun , he taught me.

Love those who are hard to love - most.

As the earth loves us.

Unless we aim to resemble it love - we

live a life of forever inslaved parasites