' Je te dois des fleurs, je sais.' selection , 2019.  

- a blend of colour red celebrated .

one of most profound, overwhelming experience with colour in my practise so far.

these series were created after a certain .. numbing season I went through last year.

for moths it felt impossible to bring myself to paint, and then at a certain evening coming back from a dance studio

this ...it came out on a surface, it almost felt like out of body experience

it has poured out of me - it felt like the very essence of my heart seeing coming through palms of hands onto  the canvases.

at the same time, through something so intimate and personal I felt ....united

with every single woman in the world who experienced this unique warmth, this deeply transformative bliss .

this project , the fluid colour red of blood - symbolises both the life and it's foundation - love.

as well as extreme overwhelming, all consuming sorrow - of loosing life.

an experience that in itself is LIVING, LOVING - too.

and that is how we resurrect, - to bring on the life.