fluid 0000

these abstract series are wholehearted dedication to the endless grace & all covering love in nature.

these abstract creations is a tender invitation to all us viewers to recognise that grace & love  - both, around us daily

and - within


in all its fluidity, welcoming flow..


" Nature is our home, and in nature we are at home.

This strange, multicoloured and astonishing world which

we explore – where space is granular, time does not exist,

and things are nowhere – is not something that estranges

us from our true selves, for this is only what our

natural curiosity reveals to us about the place of our dwelling.

About the stuff of which we ourselves are made.

We are made of the same stardust of which

all things are made, and when we are immersed

in suffering or when we are experiencing intense

joy we are being nothing other than what we can’t help but be: a part of our world" - Carlo Rovelli

...Maybe, just maybe through medium of art we might be brought closer to harmonious existence with the planet, each other, own self. For another veil of ignorance to fall.


Project VALUES:


CONNECTION as an ultimate contrivance for internal & external conflict's resolution. 


RESPONSIBILITY. taking responsibility & carrying it with grace.


PURITY in intention.purity in action.purity in co-existence

fluid  0031 artwork , 2019

acrylic on handmade canvas