Enlightenment has  became a central theme in human life for the last couple of centuries.

Enlightenment's defition in Oxford dictionary is  - a project

to make the world more of a home to human beings. ( all human beings).

Since Renaissance  humility has been developing greatly, at the same time

the cheaf motive too often have been seamlessly evaporating.

From investigating works of Kant, Russou, Flaubert it becomes

evident that the milestones of enlightenment are meant to be - equality & humility.


The main  antithesis of enlightenment - inequality,​ in a process of historical, socio economic and even creative formation 

have seamlessly created a  powerful dynamic of separation .

Despite & inspite of most amazing developments

humanity had reached - 

the more it had reached, ironically -, the wider range of differences among social groups, and people had appeared, the deeper sense of inequality been been accumulated  . Those differences have been addressed - through either radical defence or radical utopian illusions.  

Neither of which had led to a healthy outcome.

Often in history ( too often if you ask me) obese human ego made a gap of separation become wider. making people forget the idea behind the project which all those achievements stringed out from & meant to be nurtured for.

Separation had grown not only  larger among people, countries, groups - 

and also within an individual of the modern age. 


maybe the humbling truths is that


Humanity can not possibly solve the common  separation , transform the communities - without  primarily, addressing the internal separation, transforming it into unity .

My sense is that the first most essential steps for us is to

Recognise separation and

Make a humble attempt to

reinforce a custom of humility, compassion in arts.


Both for artists & the wider audience to be exposed to,

inspired by, and ideally for all of us to carry it on beyond the domain of art - into the other industries, everyday life.

'anyone who does not love does not know God,

because God is love.' 1 john 4.