A I R G O  G O L  fest  , teaser 2 0 1 9.

/ art residency with ' the air's glowing ' project

R A W  F l a w , 2018 -2020

conscious fashion , vegan brand

brand ambassador , content creator



FOUN bcn , 2018

Barcelona, Ibiza, Spain.


L e x u s    Ukraine 2018 - 2021

brand ambassador , co -creator.


C r e a t i v e   D e b u t s  

London, UK 2017 - 2019

representation , co - creation, brand ambassador.

B L U E R O O T S  , Vatican, 2017, Rome.


O H M Y L O O K  Ukraine 2017 - 2018

designer, contributor, co creator.


F i s h M a g a z i n e 2017-2019

contributor & co-creator, presenter , lecturer.

J o t t e r B o o k s 2018 - 2019

co - creator,  designer. Ukraine

olya tra created a capsule collection of artworks & textile , for a launch event of lexus ux in ukraine. transmitting fluidity & vividness of urban lifestyle and celebrating science behind ux model, which is an artwork in itself.